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Scott K. Johnson

Fabulous fossil preserves eyes of 429-million-year-old trilobite

Cellular structure of compound eye preserved in beautiful detail.
Jonathan M. Gitlin

NASCAR had to tweak the Daytona road course for stock cars—here’s why

Slowing a stock car is a lot harder than a sports car.

The iconic Arecibo Telescope goes quiet after major damage

A cable cut a large gash into the telescope—who knows when it will be back in working order.

An Alexa bug could have exposed your voice history to hackers

Amazon has patched the flaw, but remember to lock down your voice assistant interactions.
Eric Berger

NASA official may face criminal investigation for contact with Boeing

This does not bode well for keeping to the 2024 landing goal.
Jon Brodkin

Charter can charge online video sites for network connections, court rules

Court kills ban on interconnection fees because FCC didn't defend merger condition.
Beth Mole

FDA finds new toxic hand-sanitizer ingredient, expands warning to 157 products

Regulators find toxic 1-propanol as well as methanol in some products.
Kate Cox

Trump admin. finally kills off Obama-era rule limiting methane emissions

Limiting greenhouse gases is apparently not part of “environmental protection.”
Jennifer Ouellette

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes final bow with high-octane journey through time

Ars chats with the show's VFX team about the challenges for this time-jumping season.

Ripped chemical bags added to risk of Beirut blast

Documents show more than half of the sacks of explosive ammonium nitrate were torn by 2014.