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How QAnon went mainstream

What was once a fringe movement is more popular than ever.

These AI-generated tennis matches are both eerie and impressive

An new AI allows us to answer the question of what it would look like if Roger Federer played himself.

Huge video game companies are exposing Apple's iOS hypocrisy

Epic, xCloud and Congress are setting the stage for change on the App Store.

USPS appears to be retiring vital machines ahead of mail-in ballot surge

The United States Postal Service is reportedly retiring mail sorting machines. According to Postmaster general Louis DeJoy, the agency is in a “dire” financial situation, citing significant falls in mail volume, “a broken business model” and an inadequate management strategy as reasons for the “impending liquidity crisis.” Dejoy has been implementing changes since assuming the role in June, including organizational restructuring and a management hiring freeze, saying they’re meant to “strengthen the Postal Service.”

Galaxy Watch 3 review: The best non-Apple smartwatch

Samsung has made many, many smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest effort to keep up with reigning smartwatch ruler Apple, introducing familiar features like fall detection and ECG. At $400, the Watch 3 costs the same as the Apple Watch Series 5, making it clear who Samsung sees as competition.