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A personal trainer app guilt-tripped me into exercising (and it worked)

Read Engadget's review of the personal training app Future Fit.

How Biden and Harris could refocus the White House on science

In each of its annual budget requests, the Trump administration made deep funding cuts to federal research spending, in spite of Congress’ consistent refusals. It asked for double funding to those departments in the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, Darpa, and the Joint AI Center to $2 billion annually. While decried as wholly inadequate to address the field’s rate of technical advance, that funding bump would come at the expense of funding other basic sciences in those same agencies, as well as an overall reduction in research and development spending by 9 percent over 2020, to $142.2 billion.

Apple shuffles hardware execs to make room for a mysterious new project

Apple hardware engineering SVP Dan Riccio will move over to a new project, while still reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Sony's WH-1000XM4 ANC headphones return to a record low of $278

Now, one of the best sale prices we’ve seen on Sony headphones has returned — you can get the WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones for $278, which is an all-time low that we last saw during the holiday shopping season. The design hasn’t changed a ton, but the M4 has a new matte finish, a slimmer headband and more comfortable earpads — all of which make the M4 look and feel slightly more luxe than the previous M3. The M4 has Sony’s Adaptive Sound Control that lets you personalize your own ANC presets or opt for automatic adjustments based on your activity.

Facebook's News tab arrives in the UK

It's the first expansion of the feature outside of the US.

Samsung's Galaxy Watch3 ECG tracking comes to Europe and the UK | Engadget

Samsung has announced that it’s expanding the ECG and blood pressure tracking features in its latest Galaxy Watch models to the UK and Europe, along with Chile, Indonesia and the UAE for 31 new countries in total.

Europe created more energy from renewables than fossil fuels last year

Europe is slowly reducing its dependancy on fossil fuels. A report co-published by Ember and Agora Energiewende, two think tanks focused on clean energy, has revealed that the continent generated more electricity from renewables than fossil fuels in 2020.

Grimes and Endel bring their AI-powered sleep sounds to Android

Last October, Endel announced that it had partnered with Grimes for a special ‘soundscape’ inside its music app, which is meant to help you focus, relax or fall asleep. The collaboration was called AI Lullaby and, as you might have guessed from the name, combined artificial intelligence with Grimes’ original music and vocals. The slumber sounds have now disappeared for iPhone users and, as promised, hopped over to Endel’s Android application.

Lego's Vidiyo is a do-it-yourself music video maker for kids

Vidiyo uses AR and Lego minifigures to help teach kids how to shoot a music video.

TikTok patched an exploit that could've let attackers steal user phone numbers

TikTok has fixed a serious flaw discovered by the security firm Check Point Research.