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Karen Yuan, Jonathan Vanian

The Postal Service has always had a tech problem

A cautionary tale from the 1970s reveals that the Postal Service has always experienced a problem with its functions.
Lucinda Shen

Fortnite maker accuses Apple of being “more pernicious than the monopolists of yesteryear” in a lawsuit

The company behind Fortnite is suing Apple. And have you seen its Nineteen Eighty Fortnite video?
Kristen Bellstrom, Michal Lev-Ram

The ‘pipeline problem’ is really a network problem—and 2 organizations want to fix it

The Broadsheet, Fortune Most Powerful Women by Kristen Bellstrom, Claire Zillman, and Emma Hinchliffe
David Meyer

Why HP is pushing for boardroom equality

The company is backing a Californian bill that would force the issue.
Bernhard Warner

The S&P 500 is on its best bull run in 87 years. Here’s why

The Nasdaq futures point to another positive open; the Dow and S&P look to start the day flat.
Sy Mukherjee

It’s time for hospitals become more active in their communities

Fortune spoke with experts from IBM, Johns Hopkins, and others about how hospitals can integrate themselves into communities.
Santi Subotovsky

What a video-first economy could look like

Commentary: Remote collaboration tools in new areas are helping us transition to a post-coronavirus, video-first economy.
Helen Aboah

I’m a Black female CEO. What makes me ‘different’?

Overcoming racial stereotypes and discrimination requires both personal initiative and a robust network of mentors and allies, writes Urban Zen CEO Helen Aboah.
Hansa Bhargava, John Whyte

What’s the backup plan if a COVID-19 vaccine comes up short?

Finding an effective vaccine for the coronavirus may take longer than we think—and getting people to trust it could take even longer.
Clay Wilkes

To boost Black communities, support Black-owned banks

Extending Opportunity Zone tax breaks to minority-owned banks and nonprofits could go a long way to address economic inequality.