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Alan Murray, David Meyer

Elon Musk loves Joe Biden

The Tesla CEO told Fortune he's "super fired up that the new administration is focused on climate."
Bernhard Warner

Stocks to watch under a Biden presidency

Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Visa are in today's earnings spotlight.
Aaron Pressman

Why it’s okay for the Internet to “forget” some crimes

The Boston Globe will update or remove some crime stories if people affected request a right to be forgotten on the Internet.
Emma Hinchliffe

Why won’t men wear their masks over their noses?

After several offenses at President Biden's inauguration, an examination.
Bernhard Warner

What the savvy investor can learn from the bonkers rally in GameStop shares

U.S. futures point to a positive open ahead of big week for tech earnings.
Yung Wu, Ray Newal

Clean-energy startups are key to ‘building back better’ after COVID

With the right policies and business strategies, recovering from the pandemic recession and reducing carbon emissions can go hand in hand.
Paul Polman

Adults should listen to children to understand the severity of the climate crisis

Commentary: If adults hope to make serious progress on the climate change crisis by 2030, they should aim for carbon neutrality.
Timothy Werner

Halting corporate political contributions isn’t enough to protect democracy

Commentary: Corporations can still spend unlimited amounts to influence politics even if they stop sending PAC money to campaigns.
Matthew Schmidt

The Capitol insurrectionists and ISIS have a lot in common

Commentary: The Capitol riot included insurrectionists like Jacob Chansley, domestic terrorists who are America's biggest threat.